Sunday, 28 July 2013

No 37 A similar Tour of Bradwell

I had hoped to run on Thursday but the forecast for Friday was better and Bob and Chris wanted to climb.  We parked below Stanage early and I wished them luck and instructed them to look after each other.
The main change today was missing out the NW loop

 My plan was to sort of follow the LTof B route but make some little changes for interest.  The climb up onto the edge only took minutes and I was off running in early sunshine- it was going to be warm. I found the correct path this time and dropped to Upper Burbage Bridge. last year in the race I opted to follow people over Higger Tor so I thought this time I would explore the valley route.
It was good even this early on to have some shade. The path climbs less but has lots of twists and turns, with some bits in deep bracken. Perhaps the path below Burbage rocks would have been a better recee. The next section went well and I was runing at a good pace.
I soon emerged at Leadmills bridge and the main road. I was busy eating and drinking so lost concentration. In my hurry to leave the main road I turned up the first lane not the second one. I thought the hairpin should have been closer... but pushed on. Having realised my mistake I decided to explore and headed north to Offerton Hall and then up onto the moor. I emerged at Wolf's Pit ( a shorter fell race) and rejoined the route for the drop to Bradwell. I was getting low on water and the loop to Castelton seemed to take an age. At least I did find some water in Cave Dale and then more in the car park cafe in Castelton.
 I promised myself I would run all the lane until the access land and path to Hollins Cross. I managed it but it was hot work. I did not want to drop to Edale so I stayed on the edge in the cool breeze past Back Tor and Lose Hill. It was easy runing back towards Hope and Killhill bridge. I was low on water again but the tiny campsite at Fairfield Farm had a tap. I had a long drink and filled my bottle. The climb round the side of Winhill soon passed and I was heading for the disused railtrack.
This is a family 'non-favourite' as these always seem to stretch into the distance and although they are easy running or cycling the end never seems to get closer. By Bamford Mill I was hot again and submerged my head and arms in the cold water at the wier. It was a slow plod up Bamford Clough and then to escape the tarmac I went for an explore over Bamford Moor.
The path I was on started to head north (wrong way for me) and the sheep trods soon ran out. I followed burnt heather patches towards High Neb and up onto the edge. There was a welcome breeze and I jogged along listening out for the voices of climbers. Close to Robin Hood's cave I spotted Bob and Chris so I lay in the sun, dried my sweaty shirt and took some pics of them climbing.
An hour of lazing was enough. I trotted down to the car for food and water before walking back up to find them again. I had done my 29 miles and they had enjoyed a great day climbing.
 Fish and Chips in Glossop meant we missed the worst of the traffic and rounded off the day nicely.

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