Sunday, 4 August 2013

No 40 Dovedale Dipper

I hadn't even heard of this til last weekend when Dave Cremins asked if I was going. Very glad he did as it was a lovely course, didn't need me to add many miles at all and there was a shorter version that Bob would do so we could both go together. The forecast was lots of showers but no heavy rain til late on. We parked in the old cheese factory grounds and found the hall to register.

 It was good to have a chat and find local friends but also so many of the Hardmoors family there. I wished Bob luck and went off to do my extra miles.

 It was overcast but very humid. I arrived back in the village just as the Ramble, shorter route, were setting off. It wasn't long before we were gathered out on the lane for our start. The event had attracted a number of marathon runners as it was billed as 26.5 miles. The start was fairly rapid although once we left the road and track people got a bit more strung out.

 I ran with Mick C for a bit but the fast pace along the High Peak Trail was taking it's toll and my ribs were sore. I had to let him go. Between CP1 and CP2 we were drenched in a spell of torrential rain. I almost got to the point where I thought I might need to stop and put a cag on but I was so wet by then there seemed little point. Fortunately it died to a drizzle and then stopped so I did dry out and warm up. Most of the route had been very well marked with tape but I did hesitate at a few points and make a couple of small errors when I was on my own. As I ran to the CP at Longnor Mick was leaving it and making enthusiatsic comments about the cake. The next section along the River Manifold went well but I was slow on the climb to CP3 and Mick , who had been in sight, got away. From Warslow the route was superb and took us past a very interesting house at Ecton and all sorts of mine shafts. I even enjoyed the climb up Wetton Hill. After CP4 I was suddenly on my own, except for a very lively cow. Then I spotted a runner ahead. I used this to pull me all the way to Casturn. Leaving here I made a slight error and followed two runners up a grassy track just west of the path we should have been on- it made no real difference. I was running better again now and caught more runners and walkers on the way to CP6.

Only just over 4 miles to go now! Running up Dovedale was nearly flat but ever so slightly uphill. I made myself run every step and told myself that Mick might be tired. If I ran I might catch him. I never did catch him but it got me up Wolfscote Dale. A ile to go and I could see others to catch, even the lady in orange who I thought was long gone. The last 1.5km flew by and was thankfully mostly downhill. Back at the hall I found Mick and Bob chatting and Mick very pleased to have run well and beaten me. I just had time to refuel with jacket potato, chilli and cheese when they did the prize giving. The winner did an amazing time of under 3hours 30. I was pleased to be 2nd lady by 12 mins and 1st LV.

Greg was 1st MV. Dave C and Jon appeared just as we were about to leave. Great run by Jon so soon after L100. On the journey home the rain came with a vengence. I was also glad the heavy traffic and all the accidents were on the southbound M6, I was tired as it was and any delays would have finished me off. 29 miles and only 12 more ultras to do.
Specially for Helen who wanted more maps

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