Monday, 13 January 2014

Looking forwards: Looking backwards

Almost a month since my last race at Tour de Helvellyn so time for an update. I thought it would be interesting to take stock of last year first of all. I ran well over 2000 miles and that is before I add in three mountain marathons, numerous shorter runs like ten Street Os that are probably about 6 or 7 miles each. I was surprised to find that exactly half the runs had been events rather than just me going out with my garmin. True, I did also include a run along the Sandstone Trail with Andy Splatcher where we both set out to beat course records. I was pleased that it was not more solo runs. I had to use some where I simply could not find enough races or events within a sensible travelling distance and in holiday periods when I crammed extra runs into Monday- Friday. The solo runs were just as tough despite being slower. I loved exploring and having long days out in solitude but sometimes it was harder to motivate myself to keep moving. The longest race was definitely Jon's Hardmoors 110 (or 115 in my case). It is the furthest I have ever run and I could not believe how well it worked out. It has though given me the bug and I now do want to do some more long runs.  The Just Giving did not really raise all that much, but that was never the main purpose and I am sure they are very grateful for the few hundred that they received.

So now to 2014. It is actually Bob's turn and special year but I know I will still have plans as well as hopefully joining him on some of his adventures. I hope to do at least half of the RunFurther series. I have already pledged and entered to try Jon's Triple Ring of Steele (including the H110 again, but not the 160). I hope to fit in at least 3 and maybe 4 MMs and just before Christmas I was persuaded to submit an entry for the UTMB. I will know this week if I have won a place in the UTMB and if I don't then I might look for another long adventure. Already quite a busy year I reckon.
It has started slowly, just like last year. We were away skiing again for the start of January but I did manage a short run at an orienteering event on Saturday and a longer run, although not an ultra, on Sunday from Mytholmroyd. It was not really a recee of the Hebden, more a chance to check all was well with the venue for the meeting and prize giving for RF. First race/ event will like last year be The Hebden and I am looking forward to catching up with lots of friends.

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