Tuesday, 8 January 2013

YES I still hope to complete this challenge

In case anyone is checking on this blog (probably not, not really sure who would be very interested) I thought I ought to add a little update.
We have been away visiting relatives and skiing. Had a great time until the journey back from the Alps when the much loves campervan died. Trauma and some hilarious, in retorspect, stories of our return to the UK etc. better news tonight. The van is to follow us home some time in the next fortnight.
I hope to do my first ultra this weekend.Yes, I know I am behind schedule- I'll just have to have a couple of slots in the year where I do more than one, but I knew that already really.


  1. Hi Karen. I'm reading your blog. Found it on someone else's list (can't remember who) over Christmas and I've put it on my blog list. I've been poorly so haven't updated mine for ages but will be back eventually. Put a link on the forum blog thread if you want more readers ? The snow looks nice :)

    1. Thanks Milly. I went on a blog with this so I could not duck out! It is nice that some people are reading it but I am not too bothered how many hits it gets really.
      Look forward to meeting you at an event sometime this year