Wednesday, 26 December 2012

We arrived home from Somerset late on Christmas Eve. Great to have seen mum and dad plus brother and his family again. Delivered elder son to his girlfriends  - the appeal of small children, excitement and getting up early on Christmas Day? We then got home and relaxed. Younger son opened presents with us, at a very civilised hour, but then wanted a lift to his girlfriends. After sherry and mince pies there we set off for some fun in the fresh air. Pendle was shrouded in low cloud but it was hardly raining. What wind and drizzle there was hit our backs and went almost un-noticed.

We don't normally run at the same speed but it was good to have my husband for company today and I never did get all that far ahead. He had suggested I get out and run up from Pendleton- but I am glad I used the boggy fields as an excuse not to today.We didn't pass many others but there were at least 3 other runners out having fun. Although it was wet underfoot it wasn't that boggy and the good path made for easy running. Long before the flag stones we were in the clag.
I shot off up to the trig point and tried to take a photo on self-timer only to watch in horror as my camera got blown off the top just as it started to flash and take my photo. It was with trepidation that I turned it back on but it seems OK thankfully despite bouncing on rocks and getting wet. To get a photo of both of us I built a 'fort' on top of the trig.
Then we parted company- Bob retraced his foot steps while I shot off north, over the wall and along the ridge to the shelter and big scout cairn. Turning into the wind and rain was a bit of a shock but it gave my new waterproof gloves a good test and once I put some effort in I was warm as toast. It was just as wet and I expected but not so boggy. Shame there were no views across to Bowland and the 3 Peaks but I did have the whole ridge to myself. I successfully picked up the broken stone wall and headed back to the main path and joined it just behind Bob who had been on an unplanned detour of his own. The run down the main path and back to the Nick is always a joy - not steep, few rocks or tussocks - easy running.
We had planned for rain and taken the van but weren't as wet as we had dreaded so after sheddding muddy shoes we leapt in and headed home for alcohol and food! I am sure it tastes better when you feel you have earned it and have worked up a bit of an appetite. I managed to test 2 Christmas
presents in the outing  - the afore mentioned waterproof gloves and also a new slim line garmin. Both were a success. I have an old forerunner201 and it is great mainly because it has  a long battery life making it suitable for ultras. BUT it is enormous on my wrist and so I hate wearing it unless I am going to be out for 6 hours plus and have no real choice. The new one is a lovely lime green, barely bigger than my usual wrist watch and is almost idiot proof- the fewer buttons the better!  

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