Monday, 2 September 2013

No 48 Part of H110 with Jon and Gary

Jon wanted to be able to run his H110, which as race organiser is difficult. The original plan was for him to do this Fri-Sat and I had rashly said I would run it with him. It would have been stupid as Bob and I had also entered the Hardmoors Princess 30 on the Sunday ( I had thought that this race was on the Monday but not realised that the Bank Hol Monday was the week earlier- lots of confusion). So the plan now was a weekend on the North York Moors. I would run some of the H110 with Jon and Gary while Bob would move the van and get a walk in to test carrying gear for a MM later in September. Far more sensible really.

We arrived at the top of Sutton Bank in plenty of time and sat having an early lunch, just keeping an eye on the junction in case they arrived early. We looked up to see a car parked opposite - it was Shirley so we had a chat and waited. Shirley and I found we had places in our past in common- it's a small world. The drizzle had stopped but it was quite cool and breezy. Suddenly they appeared running along the verge.

They were moving well and had made quite a fast start. After a quick stop for water they headed off for the White Horse and Shirley and I moved the car to the top of the bank. Bob was now free to move the van to the other side of Great Ayton and go for his walk/run. I was quite nervous about running with them, especially as I did not know Gary. I went for a warm up along the cliff top path and got back just before they appeared. Jon and Gary refuelled and then we were off.  The running was comfortable for me as they had already done a fairly fast 10 miles. I chatted, especially to Gary as I wanted to get to know him, but I was aware that Jon was very quiet. His glutes and thighs were not working as he expected.

I could offer Jon co-codamol and paracetamol but he wanted Ibuprofen. Shirley was at every possible road crossing with camera in hand and an array of food and drink laid out ready. It was a wonderful afternoon with great views in all directions and once we were running it was not cold all afternoon. I jogged along happily but was confused at our pace- my memories of this section from my H110 were of speed and suffering trying to keep up with the blokes around me. But then I was hanging oon for company and help with route finding whereas these two know the way blindfold and had a schedule they were working to.

Jon checked and was happy they were on schedule. It was not long before we dropped into Osmotherly and met Shirley who had acquired Ibuprofen to add to the other food and drink on offer. We ran on at a steady pace, running the flats and downs and walking the ups.

All smiles and laughter now
They showed me where I had gone wrong in the woods on the H110- just one small marker that we missed when we were all too busy chatting. I like the moors of Black Hambleton but the next section from Live Moor onwards is my favourite. The boys were moving better now and I had settled to their pace. By Carlton Bank they were in full banter and silliness mode.  It was like having two teenage boys running with me- silly, naughty, rude and full of good humour.

Jon was mimicking the sheep and both were playfully winding each other up.  I was starting to regret not being able to stay with them for the whole of their adventure- but I guess it was easy to think that when I knew I only had a few more miles to go.  I had the tales of nakedness as we climbed over Wainstones (but thankfully not a replication of their antics) and Shirley could probably hear us a mile off as we descended to Clay Bank. At every road crossing there was Shirley and she even managed to make us cups of tea. Gary was missing his baby boy but got an update by text- second tooth has now arrived.
Jon eating again
 Archie joined us for the next section- again a name I knew but not personally. The track out and back to Blowith Crossing was bone dry now whereas back in May we had been dodging enormous puddles and still getting wet feet.  I had not seen this bit in day light since H55 in the bad weather of 2009 so it was good to soak up the views. With all the banter we arrived their quite quickly although the northward section before the drop to Kildale seemed to take an age.
The shark fin of Rosebury Topping was visible for miles
 Kildale saw an longer refuelling stop and we dug out the head torches ready for later. Archie left us here and we had the company of ray for a while. Gary was to regret the cake which laid so heavily on his stomach and made him feel sick. I texted Bob and asked him to have the kettle on.
Big guys need more fuel than me
Our progress to Cooks Monument was slow and once we entered the trees we needed the torches. Gary was suffering with his stomach but at least at the van we could offer him more water and a cup of tea. I wished them well and climbed into the van as they set off over Newton Moor towards Rosebury Topping. My part was done (over 33 miles in the end) but they had a long long way to go- through the night and well through the next day. It would be tough, especially without the adreneline of a race to boost them. Well done guys and thank you for letting me join some of your adventure.

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