Sunday, 8 September 2013

No. 50 YORM (for real)

A new race is always an exciting prospect. Bob was coming to do the half YORM and we had both receed our routes two weeks ago. Even better the rain that hit Preston yesterday had disappeared and although it was cold at 8am by 10 it wasn't. It is fairly local for us so no need for an early get up. We were parked on the all weather pitch in plenty of time and once I had registered and said a few hellos I went out to do my extra miles- about 2.6 of them.
Deserted Haworth even though it was gone 9am
 There were only a few walkers up and about so I just ran where the mood took me and explored up past the museum and out towards Cemetery Road. It was nice to see the town empty- on our recee it was heaving with tourists.
No Japanese tourists today
The race must attract road / trail runners from a fairly big area because there were lots of faces I did not recognise, as well as many that I did. Jon, Sirley and Dave C were there plus Martin G and Graham from Blackburn and Steve Lang who was to have a superb run.
Sadly the last photo until the finish
We congregated outside The Fleece in the sunshine and a rather quiet Haworth. Fortunately a runner asked about the self -clips and we were told they did not exist. I say fortunately because I would have hated to wondr around hunting for them. The first few metres were downhill but that soon changed with the plod up through the car parks and then onto Penistone Hill. I had hoped my warm up miles would help but I was suffering big time and reduced to a walk. Leeshaw reservoir came and I was still struggling and there was nothing to do but plod on and hope it came right eventually (well soon, would be better).  Jon later said he was not far behind me at that point and knew I was not going well. When we reached the culvert I made a more determined effort to move and catch some of those who had overtaken me and by Peat Lane I had. Bits of me were still screaming but overtaking people and others in front getting closer improved my mental state. By Hambleton Lane things were better and I enjoyed the run over the moor and to our first CP at the old Withens Pub. 8 miles done so nearly a third completed. A glance at my watch suggested it was going to be fairly fast, for me, despite the walking early on. The path after Slade Barn was as muddy, boggy and wet as I knew it would be but the run after the top of the moor was great. I could now see the next lady not very far ahead and I thought she might be the only other 'older' lady in front of me. Extra effort along the lane and track allowed me to overtake her as we crossed the fields to what was once the Moorfield Pub. I could also see Martin G and his mate and used them to speed up a bit more. The drop down towards Brookhouse was easy running although my pace died as we headed across the edge of the golf course and the dam of Ogden Reservoir. The tourists gave lots of support which was nice but we were soon on our own again on the old bye-ways and tracks leading to Denholme. Martin and his mate pulled steadily ahead but I then overtook them as they stopped to refuel at the CP.The footpaths around Doe Park Reservoir were a bit overgrown and slippy but it gave me a chance to chat to Kim who recognised me from Hardmoors. She has only been running for a couple of years but was going well and enjoying herself. My plan was to try to not let her get too far ahead. Dolphin Lane was steep and as those I had been with disappeared ahead again I knew I needed to eat. At least I was then able to run after Ryecroft. I think it is perhaps one of my favourite hamlets, and not just because of the elderly couple who gave me water and invited me in to share lunch the other week, but it is really quiet yet close to a decent road and the stone houses have real character. The food worked because by Harden Moor I was starting to move better and catch the people who had disappeared into the distance. As we ran through Hainworth I knew there was only one real climb left, except for the finish in Haworth itself. This always spurs me on no matter what my legs are feeling. The descent near the quarry was less slippy than I remembered and before long we were crossing the main road and heading for the river. The mill with the blue stairs got steadily closer. and we were in Haworth. The cobbles of Butt Lane were too steep to run until the pub but I did jog after that. The last bit up to the Primary school seemed too long and I walked a few paces despite all those clapping and offering support. I could not quite make my  hoped for 4hrs 20 but had to settle for 4hrs 22. Lots had already finished but I did manage first old lady.(V50)
The smile says it all- Bob enjoying the sunshine
Bob had been down to the car to change but I just sat and drank and ate. He had enjoyed his run and only missed 3 hours by 1 minute - so now needs to go back next year.The school playground was a wonderful sun trap and we sat chatting as we waited for the prize giving.

 A good day out at a well organised and well marked race. Buff, armband holder thingy, beer and a T shirt finished it off nicely. Thanks also to Dave and Eileen who were out taking photos- I will be checking their website to collect a couple.

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  1. 50!!!! Super well done Karen, you are a's only just September!! :-)