Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Getting back into running.

I had hoped that our weeks away would have counted as some exercise and maybe they did. What they were not was great preparation for running. The next fortnight saw many short runs both from home, on Park Run routes and at Street O. At first I believed all was well. The second day back we went for a run in Cuerden Valley. No pressure just a run. I managed to knock over a minute off my normal time. And then it stopped. The next time it was back to normal. Oh well. Street O in Chorley was a bit of a shock to the system and I think I must still have been in holiday mode. My torch failed, I fell several times in the dark.....Need to get some good training done and so I have tried to run almost every day. I even ventured up to Lncaster in the dark to do a late Street O run. I ran hard but made mistakes and after all the effort it will be a discard. Nevermind, it was a good training run. On the others I have stretched and done some core work. Oh and we have got back into the indoor climbing.
I managed one short local race that was new to me. Muddy Feet- the name fo the race, not the outcome. It started in picturesque Calder Vale, not to be confused with Calder Valley. I cadged a lift with friends and it was a sociable day out.

We ran in warmth and sunshine. Just as well because my run was shocking but I could not be unhappy with the day.

Wonderful views, beautiful old woodland, a new route and good company. Oh, and pie and peas at the end.

  Have made significant headway with the decorating we checked the forecast for the week and planned a big run. As preparation for the GRP Bob has entered the Haworth Hobble and Calderdale Hike. Time foe a recee.

 We parked on Long causeway and set off well wrapped up against the wind. Stiperden farm was a boggy mess but things improved as we contoured high above Tod and headed for Cross Stone.

 We went at an easy pace (for me) and I tried to point out significant landmarks for Bob.

The pull up to Stoodley was better than expected but the climb to Heptonstall was tough. Bob felt he was in an Escher landscape where it was always UP.

The plan was never to complete the whole route so after Hardcastle Crags we climbed Crimsworth Dean and then cut west via Walshaw to pick up the route again just below Walshaw Dean reservoir.

This was now into a steady if not fierce wind and my hands were cold.

At least the wind was not blowing spray over the dam wall and we were able to admire the rock fornations near the bouldering area.

I love these moors and the sunshine on them let me forget the cold for a while.

The bridleway was easy running and we were soon climbing back to the wind turbines and the car. 36km and a fair bit of climb plus Bob now knows the way for most of the route. Exhausted but happy. A month to get more training done.

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