Saturday, 6 June 2015

A lazy recovery week

After the Ox I was tired. A lazy week with lots of chores at home but not much else. By Thursday I was keen to get out again. I knew I could do as much or as little as I likes if I went to Roddlesworth and Darwen Moor.

A nice flat start along the reservoir and then into the woods. Uphill through the woods and past Slipper Lowe car park and then out onto Darwen Moor. It was a joy to be out on the hill and on real off road with soft ground underfoot.

I was pleasantly surprised that although soft it was not boggy. I love these hills and after the first half mile from the car parks I did not see another soul. The sun was out, it wasn't too windy and I was having fun. I had no set plan.

By the time I was over on the east side of the moor I was starting to struggle. My legs just stopped working. I plodded on, but slowly, past the tower and back down to the pub (not for a drink). By the time I crossed the road and was back in the woods things improved a bit and it was interesting to admire the blue bells.

In the south they were well past their best a fortnight ago. Just over 2 hours and 16km. Not a great run but I enjoyed being out there. Saturday I was still suffering and so volunteered at Parkrun for the first time. It was interesting to see things from the other side and gave me the chance to take photos.

 by Monday I was up[ for running again; plus I wanted to support our local orienteers with their sprint O. The weather looked as if it would be foul but once we were out it did not seem so bad. A fast prologue of about 14 minutes was fun. It helped me a little that I know the area quite well. The final was just too long for me to run flat out the whole way and I dropped a place when I walked a short section. Still running and thinking was good and it was a short drive home for a hot shower.

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