Sunday, 14 June 2015

An easy week in preparation

Tuesday saw me exploring from the Belmont area again. Having been west over Winter Hill last time I headed the other way. I went straight up onto the West Pennine Moors and took the track east and started to descend.

Then I spotted a stile and remembered the Two Crosses route. Across an almost dry bog and onto the grassy track that would lead me down to Turton reservoir. It was fast running around the reservoir and crowded with young, old and dog walkers.

 Then past the Strawberry duck pub and up the rocky track that was almost dry for a change. I ate my food as I climbed here. The couple I met at the top warned me of a herd of intimidating Galloway cattle. They were correct; the cows had lots of calves and there was a bull. Predictably they were on the track and guarding the gate I needed. I made a wide detour across some fields. Once across the Bolton road I climbed again to Darwen Moor and then dropped towards Sunnyhurst Woods. They were walking on the reservoir but walkers could still get through so I climbed back up to gain access to Roddlesworth woods for one last steady climb back to Hollingsworth hall and the short stretch of permissive path to the van. A nice 26km jaunt.

The week got hotter and sunny. Thursday saw me on a long slow cycle around the Fylde where I rather stupidly got burnt on my shoulders, chest and my feet tops through my sandals.I hadn't realised how hot it was thanks to the cool breeze on a bike. Hopefully none of the burnt bits will cause me a problem on this weekends race. Eventually in the evening it cooled a bit and I went for a short 5 mile run from home along the canal trails and local paths.

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