Saturday, 6 June 2015

I am sure the forecast was good

After such a great Thursday we dared believe that perhaps the heat wave was really on its way. Ha ha. We drove to Borrowdale via Keswick for a few extra supplies.The plan was that I could recee a bit of the Lakes 10 Peaks and get a good run with climb in my legs.

 I dressed accordingly and Bob kindly drove me to Stonethwaite. It was like a sauna running up the valley and I assumed the damp would burn off for another hot day. The early views were promising. By the time I was climbing High Raise I was doubting the weather.

It was not long before I was in low cloud and could see very little. At least it was dry and fairly warm. Descending to Stake Pass went quite well but on the way to Angle tarn it got cooler and I had to put gloves on. I was pleased to find the BG trod and arrive at Bowfell. Now it was cold, windy a slightly damp. Oh well. Keep running. Esk Pike came and went and then it was on on to Scafell Pike. I had a short rest for food but it was too cold to linger. There were a few people at the top but I did not hang around. The low cloud was damp and there were no views. I struggle to find the path to Mickledore but did eventually arrive at the stretcher box. Decision time. I was now wet and cold. It would be silly to climb Scafell so I baled. Annoying but never mind. I was also hungry but too cold to stop. It meant my brain did not work and I dropped much further than necessary before heading for the corridor route. So, unnecessary climb and I did not recee what I wanted there. The corridor route seemed to take an age and the weather was still foul when I reached the stretcher box at the tarn. Some guys there joked that the forecast said sun by 3pm. I was a bit warmer and so climbed Aaron Slack and descended to Mosses Trod. This led me easily to Honister and the rain stopped.

By the time I was on the path back to Buttermere and Grange the sun came out. I was grumpy. Why couldn't it have done so earlier. Really the fault was mine - not enough warm gear, no dry gloves, a thin cag and no over trousers.

 I did get dry (sort of) before I reached the van and was able to sit in the sun and wonder where Bob was exploring.

 By mid evening the drizzle returned for a spell and the wind became galeforce gusts. I am still not sure whether the recee was good and helped me learn or whether it has just got me dreading that the weather could be like that in a fortnight for the race. I felt sorry for anyone on a BG this weekend.

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  1. "Really the fault was mine - not enough warm gear, no dry gloves, a thin cag and no over trousers."
    Your fundamental error was making a decision based on a weather forecast. Sounds like a good day out otherwise. I must try that 10 Peaks some time. In fact I intend to try to complete the Runfurther series next year. You were right about the BG. I supported an attempt over leg 2. He was on time and full of beans at Dunmail Raise. After running against that wind all the way to Wasdale he was an hour behind and out of gas.