Monday, 12 November 2012

RAB mini

With no ultra on the cards I decided I would enter what is left of the RAB mini MM series. I had missed the first as it clashed with the LDMT but could make the next three. I guess I should have entered earlier and shown some support because the late November one has been cancelled due to low numbers. Round 2 was Coniston- fells I know quite well and scene of the first SLMM that I did partnering one of my sons. Good memories. I was pleased I had bothered digging out my old map as the start location was very similar and I even headed out up the same hills. After a steep start I realised I had made a planning error and needed to drop a long way to collect a control- nothing for it so head down, blast into valley and then stomp all the way back up. Other than this I was mostly pleased with my route, although my route choice from 9-10 was not the best. I tried to stick with  or pick off other runners to keep my speed up and this did work well. Overall a pleasing run, which with the benefit of hindsight and armchair planning could have been improved to get another 20 points and joint 2nd place.  Score events always lead to lots of ifs and buts, well they do for me. Fours hours of good running and fantastic views. Yet another dry run!! It was a well organised event and a great event centre to socialise in afterwards.


  1. Hi Karen,

    Just re-read your posts. I hadn't realised that you're a relative newbie to this ultra lark. I thought you'd been at it for donkeys years!
    I only took to it a couple of years ago as well, and I'm loving it too.


  2. Ha ha - my first comment directly on here. You're a star.