Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Not the best week!

I guess it was inevitable. As a teacher to make it through to almost the end of November without catching a cold from some ***** little person is quite amazing, perhaps running gives us extra resistance to germs? That resistance ended on the 20th.  I almost decided not to go to our Wednesday night Steet orienteering but my competetive nature got the better of me. I thought I had a fairly mediocre run so was pleased but rather surprised to find I had done quite well. I did actually feel better, for a few hours, after the run. Must be the sea air in Morecambe. I struggled through to the end of the week with a banging headache and sore throat. Odd- I looked fine and felt awful, where as this week with a streaming cold I look awful but feel OK really. I stopped cycling to work- not much persuasion needed there considering the wind and rain. By the weekend I felt a bit better and was very frustrated to see dry sunny weather and to be stuck with a 2 day Outdoor First Aid course. The course was good fun and very helpful but I felt trapped. Luckily help was at hand in the form of the first night orienteering of the winter. Caton Moor was always going to be wet under foot after the months rain but predictably the wdry weather ended as I set off up the motorway on Saturday tea time. Once out and running it wasn't so bad- except for the 'bounce back' effect rain has on torch beams. It gave me an hour of running the best I can while navigating in the dark and slipping across muddy slopes or tussocks. It was not the most sociable event- having stripped and changed in the car I shot off with the heater on full blast, but I was glad to get out and enjoyed the challenge.
I did n't cycle yesterday and felt very guilty.. until work ended and the rain started again. Today though was dry. Yes, a chance for some exercise and a cycle to work and back.
So not much ultra running recently.

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