Sunday, 4 November 2012

weekend of O

Strange weekend for me. After all the long stuff I have done this autumn it was two days of orienteering. The first was an urban race- not quite sprint but with winning time of 35 minutes much shorter and faster than I have been used to. My husband was the planner and I knew the area would be tricky. I did also get to collect some controls in afterwards too! And I stayed dry, again.
Today was traditional O and I had been looking forward to east lancs moors-but had forgotten the intricate quarry that we would go through. Some  hard navigating but also lots of sharp and slippy rocks, so not much running there. Quite enjoyed it but have to admit that when I looked at the skylines and blue sky I wish I had gone for a long run on reasonable paths for 4-5 hours rather than the 90 mins of orienteering. I think this has confirmed that it is long days out in the hills that I like, so that I return to work on Monday feeling I have made the very most of my weekend.
Still- the forecast is good for tomorrow so I can cycle to work.

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