Monday, 17 December 2012

Last runs before Christmas

Still no more ultras.. combination of a cold, work and weather (yes, bit of a woos there). On Wednesday night I got an early preview run of our next street orienteering event. My husband had done all the planning but wanted the map and control sheet checking, plus he needs my help on the night. I drove to the start and waited for dark, which didn't take long. It was a bit frosty but not too bad. I had a couple of 'moments' on steeper paved corners but no scares or tumbles. It might have been better if I had worked later and run later- it was plenty dark but I had forgotten about rush hour traffic so crossing roads was a pain. I also managed to scare some people by running up behind them panting hard and with a very bright head torch. Having checked the map from two years ago I decided I would do 75 mins this time not 60. The map is crossed by a large dual carriageway which is out of bounds and I felt this would give me the option of crossing it and still having time to do a lop and get back. In the end I didn't cross it all but tried to collect pretty much all the controls on the eastern side. I didn't notice the cold once I got running and managed not to get confused or lost on an area I do not know very well. Quite a pleasing run on the whole. It was also worth my checking as I did find one small error and one potentially dangerous control which has now been resited. On Saturday I had a slower jog around the other half of the map to check that. well, I checked most of it before getting very wet and giving up.
I had been looking forward to Sunday and the last mini MM for some time. I had even managed to get a lift there and back and the forecast was good. Sadly it did quite pan out as I had hoped. I struggled to run form the start. Thought perhaps I was hungry so ate but was then sick..... And it didn't get much better. My brain wouldn't work so I made some poor choices and then spent some time looking for a control on a tor top when it was 100m or so down the slope on a spring! Sitting down feeling dizzy wasted even more time. I did nearly give up as I felt so ropey but by then the shortest way back to the finish was past some controls anyway. Crossing the top I hit my first patch of ice in a huge grough. I went crashing down getting very wet and muddy.

 Decided this was far too glum and depressing so have edited with 2 photos - happy memories running on Kinder when the boys thought it was hilarious to get very muddy!

Worse though I bashed my shoulder and my head and broke the ice and cut my hand. It clearly was not my day! Under two minutes later and I went down again. I was now getting fed up. The cuts were fairly superficial but would not stop bleeding. I looked sorry site running with my arm stuck out and blood dripping off the end. I collected a couple more easy controls and called it a day. I knew I was missing between 15 and 45 points but I had had enough. Still I got back inside the 4 hours so at least I didn't lose any points. It will not be my best run and was a very poor effort after such a good run at Coniston. Thanks very much to Charmian for making me a cup of tea. Sorry to Mick for being so grumpy when he shouted Hello. Thanks and Sorry to Mandy - for taking the runfurther prizes and for having them thrown at her as she crossed the finish line. One to put down to experience and be grateful that it was at least dry and even sunny! I'll be back for more.

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