Monday, 24 December 2012

The VERY last run before Christmas

It was not until Friday evening that I was 100% of attending this but I am so glad that I turned up. Preston Harriers run up Paddy's Pole every solstice and set off a firework. I had never managed to make this as we have always been away skiing. I had misgivings as I had to be up early for a long drive on Saturday but decided that if I drove, rather than take the minibus option, all would be well. We assembled at Fell Foot in the dark and within minutes I knew I had made the right decision. What a lovely bunch of men. I had not seen some for months was but was greeted with a smile just the same. We jogged off up the lane and into the night. John, ever safety conscious, tried to count us through the gate. It was nice to plod up Parlic without worrying about a race position and to have the chance to chat and catch up on gossip. Once on this first peak it was easy running to the trig point and shelter. We shouted Merry Christmas at the Bowland folk running down in the opposite direction and then assembled at the cairn. Roy and Joe sorted out the rocket- and we all prayed for a vertical lift off this time (and that MR would not think it was a distress flare). Pete and Alan showed how organised they were with flasks of mulled wine for us to share while Gordan handed round the stollen. More calories eaten than expended I suspect but hey ho! By now it had clagged in a fair bit so we retraced our steps and ran back to the vehicles before a quick change and regroup at the Sun Inn. Beer and hot pot followed. Yum.It was tempting to stay..... but that was why I had arrived by car! No more beer allowed and a fairly early night, but not before I had renewed some frienships and had a good natter. Thanks for a lovely evening Mick.

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