Sunday, 9 December 2012

Still no more ultras

I was feeling better and the rain stopped so I cycled to work.. and came off on the ice. Fortunately nobody saw and I did not hurt myself much. My cold was then replaced by an irritating cough so not much running. Sunday was forecast to be cold but dry so I took up my invitation to join the Calder Valley runners on their 3 hour winter score event. I had great fun and had to concentrate as I did not really know the area. After a hesitant start and then ending up under, rather than on top of the viaduct, things improved. I was struggling to breath and run but the views were fantastic. I probably didn't make the best choices of controls to collect but had a wonderful time and got round without slipping on any ice and without getting seriously lost. The food afterwards was very welcome and it was good to chat. Mid week was the next of our winter street orienteering events so for 75 mins I ran my heart out. I actually had a pleasing run and did not cough once, until I finished.
The weekend was rather mixed. An introductory walk with my DoE group did not really get me any exercise and I was missing the night O as well. Saturday evening was the Runfurther prizegiving. A lovely evening with talks, food, prizes and a chance to catch up with friends. I really owe Karen and Si such a huge thank you for all their work with the series. It has given me such wonderful days out, new races to try and so many new friends. It was the end of an era with them handing over to mark and Jon- lots of relieved faces as we can now rest happy that the series is in good hands. Although I missed the run I was very pleased to find that Jon had completed his 50@50 and still managed to get to the meal. He was full of support for my plans next year.  I had hoped to run the Derbyshire edges on Sunday but the wind and rain rocked the van all night with no sign of a let up in the morning. My cold had somehow refreshed it self and I felt dreadful anyway. By the time we were close to Preston theer was blue sky so I jumped out at the motorway junction and ran the last 7-8 miles home on the Guild Wheel in the sunshine. Not an ultra, all paved but better than no running at all. Now all I need to do is get rid of the cold readu for next weekend.

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