Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A recovery week in Scotland- Day 1

This year is Bob's not mine. He was patient at let me enjoy the H110 again and even marshalled for Jon. Once I had arranged an early prize-giving we were off in the van to claim Munros. He had kindly picked a lone Munro for the first day. His challenge wanted to inlcude the most easterly so Mount Keen it was. We had an interesting drive up through parts of SE Scotland that we did not kow and were safely parked in Glen Tanar by late morning. I had slept well and my legs felt surprisingly fine. Mt feet although not blistered were mashed and very sore.

 My lower right leg wasn't great with a swelling at the base of the shin and a sore achilles. Some gentle exercise would be great. It was very warm and sunny and we started nice and slowly. It was an easy walk in on a fairly level track and with 3 bridges to keep our feet dry.

My feet were no better but they were no worse either. The path after the last bridge started to climb quite steeply but was firm and dry. We spotted a grass snake and later some frogs. The views were excellent although there was cloud on the tops further west. It was chilly at the summit so we took photos but did not linger.

 I thought on the way up that the skyline looked interesting but there was no obvious path over the first hills so we descended the same way. Once down on the main track the path seemed to go on for ever.

The ancient pine forest was beautiful but the gard track was torture and I even started craving mud and bog. We varied the return slightly and despite some spots of rain we stayed dry. 19 miles was a long walk for one Munro and we were both tired. Luckily it wasn't far to drive to Glen Muick for the next days adventure. No surprise that we slept well again. Total isolation and silence. Even the deer came down close to the van.

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