Thursday, 5 June 2014

Scotland -Day 2

The road to Glen Muick is long! When we parked up overnight we thought we were almost there but in fact it was still several miles. Still, it was miles in the van not on our feet and we were still off and walking by 8.30. The broad track across the bottom of the loch was covered in deer and they did not seem bothered by us until we were within an about 5 m.

 After a short section of woodland we were out onto the hill. The track had been well maintained for shooting parties and once we negotiated one stream it was easy walking up towards Lochnagar.As we climbed to the first col it began to clag in a little but the path was very obvious and big slabs marked the way.

A kiwi runner trotted by and we had a chat. The views into the corries were superb. Once we were up on the rim of the corrie it was chilly in the mist but as we worked our way towards the false summit and then the real summit of Cac Carn Beag it began to clear.

The day then just got better and better. We followed the path above yet more crags and Loch nan Eun and briefly made an out and back to Carn a'Choire Bhoidheach.

It was pleasing to keep dry feet even when we dropped to what appeared to be a boggy area and then it was up again , past the old Canberra plane crash to the summit of Carn an t-Sagairt Mor.

The weather was now totally clear and the views were fantastic in all directions. We kept bumping into the same two guys all day as they were doing a similar route but taking slightly different lines. The map showed no path but we had believed it would be so. We were right. A broad path headed SE to Cairn Bannoch and then the lowest peak of the day, Broad Cairn. We opted for the high path to keep the sun and were rewarded with views back iinto Dubh Loch.

 It was quite a long walk back along the main loch but we met our 'friend' again and the time went quickly as we chatted.

Back at the van we sat in the sun, aired our feet and did some washing. We needed food so as the sun started fading we drove to Ballater before heading for a lay bye on the Linn of Dee road. Once parked up we had a feast of celery, humous and cous cous.

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