Monday, 9 June 2014

The Wedding Race

After a week of big walks it was back to the North York Moors. Not for a massive ultra this time but to help share the celebrations of Jon and Shirley's wedding. We arrived in plenty of time and parked up at Lords Stones more easily than I expected. It was a glorious day- warm, dry and sunny. As we had missed instructions about the dress code we were among the few that were not in dresses or ties etc but never mind. It was good to catch up with people and find out how the were a week after the H110 and H160.

 We spent time lazing in the sun and chatting outside the Yurt that had hosted the wedding. Bob had decided not to run but he found friends from marshaling duties. So many had accepted the invitation that Jon decided we ought to have registration and race numbers. I was intending a slow fun run but once you put a number on it becomes serious! I did set off nice and steady and kept it that way for almost 2 miles. Then I was into my stride and loving it. What a change to run over these hills with fresh legs or without the need to conserve strength for the many miles to come. The stone slabs and steps were bone dry unlike a week ago and so were a joy to run down. I even remembered Martin D's little trod which let me gain about 5 places. Suddenly we were at the road and half way. Turning back was fun because we kept meeting friends running towards us. I did lose count of the hills and hoped that there was only one more up. Blasting down was such fun but would have been easier if I had not spent and hour sipping a litre of water. I have not run a short (7 mile) race for ages and really enjoyed myself. I made it back as first lady- but only because Shelli had run the shorter course with her daughter.

We lay in the field and clapped all the others in and then finally Jon and Shirley arrived back- not sure where they had been- and ran up our guard of honour together. Jon did appear with Shirley on his shoulders, but not for the final run in. We retired to the renovated Lord Stones cafe. They had sold out of ice creams but I had a beer, Bob had a coffee and then we all had a BBQ meal. Very pleasant. By early evening it was time for us to go. We still had a long drive back and I had work to prepare for having not been home for 10 days.

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