Thursday, 5 June 2014

Scotland- Last day

We were both up early and it looked like being a good day.We set off up the nature trail stripping off layers as it got warmer.

Within 90 mins we were on the summit of Meall Corranaich. Today was going to be good value in terms of many peaks in the first few hours. It was an easy drop back to the col and we were soon high up on Beinn Ghlas even though there seemed to be no path at first.

 Here we met Polish and his friend for the first of many times in the day. It was an hour per munro and after 3 hours we were on Ben Lawers. We did not seem to be pushing the pace just walking strongly. After this summit there is a big drop before the climb up An Stuc.

 It looked enormous from the foot of the col but by 4 hours we were on the summit. My metabolism seemed to be in overdrive today and I was constantly eating, in fact I worried that I would run out of food. Meall Greigh is just as high but after a rather eroded drop off An Stuc gaining the next summit seemed easy.

Around here we started meeting quite large numbers coming the other way. They had left a car at the NT car park, driven back to Ben Lawers hotel and were doing a linear walk.

 The last peak was totally different as it was much more grassy and rounded. Polish had asked us about a way back. We had confessed we were not at all sure but showed him our plan. We dropped straight down to a tiny reservoir and a water intake pipe. The map showed a big track contouring the hillside for much of the way back where we wanted to go.

 It led us back for over 5km. Just I was getting bored with counting water intake number signs and my feet were sore from the stones it veered and headed sharply down to the main road. We left it and carried on with our contour.

This was fine at first but then the water intakes stopped and so did the trod. We paused a while to watch a helicopter rescue on the summit and then decided to drop to the in-bye wall. It was boggy but led back towards the car park and minor road.

 As I stomped up the road I planned to move the van down to meet Bob. I turned and couldn't see him but he was not far behind. He got a shock when he saw the van moving!

 It wasn't sunny enough to sunbathe but we chilled at the van before starting the long drive back to the North York Moors. Another long day and a superb end to a wonderful week.

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